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About staged hotel worlds and real experiences
Thanks to my hotel past in various national and international positions, I was able to experience and help shape some concepts. On the way through small and large, new and newly built hotel businesses, I was able to observe and accompany some very beautiful and successful concepts and discovered what the real characteristics of a concept that is not only very successful, but ultimately also economically successful.


In the end, it's always the feel-good factor that counts for me. How does a guest feel in the property? How does it move and how does it fit into the concept? Nowadays, the goal of a hotel business is no longer just to satisfy the guest or exceed his expectations, but rather to make him a repeat guest. To a regular guest. 


In brand building, we talk about the customer journey, which no longer ends with paying the room bill, but instead turns the customer into a multiplier (recommendator) or repeat guest.


And in order for this to happen with a high probability, there are a few characteristics that need to be known and taken into account when building a hotel brand.


At this point, a very important point comes onto the agenda that should be taken into account in the planning. 


What goals do the hotel owners or hotel operators pursue?


At seel. we are talking about hotels and exclusive hotel complexes becoming destinations. Destinations also have certain characteristics that need to be taken into account. Our clients find out what lies behind it when working with our team.


If the goal is to create such an individually designed destination for hotel guests, the operators and owners are
things at seel. precisely.


But what features in building an exclusive hotel brand are we talking about?




Artificially staged and unnatural-looking objects and projects are examples of the opposite of what we are talking about here and what seel. means when it comes to authentic objects. We mean rooting in the place and the transfer and identification with the history of the place where we are or want to be active.




The hotel world and the guest's use of the corresponding offers is changing. Guests crave the authenticity and connection just described. A real connection to a hotel can arise if appropriate features are integrated into the concept and the visual presentation is designed to be appealing. Points for docking are created and lived.




The future hotel guest will be looking for experiences more than ever. Experiences that allow him to take a short trip into another world without drifting into the unnatural. In the end, it is individual experiences that get lost in the guest's episodic brain and regularly trigger the desire to return to this place. soul. has set itself the task of explicitly supporting hotel operators creatively on this point in the form of an overall concept.




The aura of a hotel business, based on a property's brand identity, is increasingly shaping into a desired aura. This creates what you want over time
Brand image. The brand identity, in turn, is based on
elements in communication that can be planned fairly precisely. Both the visual and the textual and experienced
We want to create a pull and not do loud push marketing. Our ideas for a novel and unique concept are diverse andAt the same time, they are based on experiences from previous projects.


We want to create a pull and not do loud push marketing. Our ideas for a novel and unique concept are diverse and at the same time based on experiences from previous projects. 


soul. stands for uniqueness, 

for creative individuality, 

for extraordinary concepts and for real experiences and liveliness 

with one focus… the guest is the focus.







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