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Hotel positioning
rethink. The basis for
excellent marketing
A lot has already been written and said about both positioning strategies and creative marketing. We should rather ask ourselves why further explanations are needed. But what we have to take into account now more than ever is changing consumer behavior.


In your case, the guest of the future.


Perhaps providers of upscale services and luxurious hotel properties are already partially addressing what will be essential in the future to meet exclusive demands. The guest is the focus, but so is the object.


We look at individual elements of positioning less in isolation, but dedicate ourselves to an overall picture that takes into account the guest, your property, as well as the history and attributes of the offer. So we could say we take a holistic or holistic approach, but what we ultimately mean is a way of thinking that doesn't follow any “old patterns”.


Little to inauthentic.


What happens when we leave even a part of the spiritual process aside in marketing or positioning is called inauthentic. 


We approach the core of what we call the aura of an object from various sides and in this sweet spot from the sub-areas of our work a noticeable sense of well-being for your guest arises. Because he should come back. Not only that. He should talk about your offer. Making it iconic. Let's set out to create a brand image that is second to none.


In order to achieve this state, a certain amount of preparatory work must be done. And this is what seel is all about. We analyze, plan, organize and create together with you. Because an object needs heart. Or a DNA. Your DNA.




We want to know where we want to go. If this is not clear to us, it will also appear unclear to the future guest why he should return. You have probably already been to a hotel where you immediately felt “something is completely different here”. As a rule, these are those offers where there is a clear vision. And not only does it exist, everyone knows it
employees and lives this vision.




Personality is primarily about how we communicate. What tone we are already using towards our guests in advertising, on social media, in newsletters and everywhere else. This applies externally as well as internally. Strong brands have clear rules and strong hotel brands also have clear communication. You can almost recognize them from the text. Here, too, it is important to establish an incomparable, distinct communication that provides future guests with enough points to dock with.



Our impact and the impact of brands as a whole increases dramatically in a positive sense when we act on the basis of our real values. Values are something we tease out of you, we don't invent them. This is where we differ from conventional methods. Our philosophy is based on real, comprehensible values that we consistently incorporate into every form of communication. In the end, it is values that your guests feel drawn to, partly consciously and partly unconsciously. They come back because they find your concept to be consistent. And that is our goal. You can feel what we believe in together. You, your guests and us. soul.



We don't want to overestimate ourselves, but we won't underestimate ourselves either. We want to clearly identify what we do best and why guests should come and come back. We practice the opposite of “jack of all trades”. We don't appeal to everyone, but we speak to exactly the right people for the planned project. We are “the” provider for them. We show and live on the outside exactly what we love so much on the inside. Our or your uniqueness and your specialization.


These four keywords, coupled with our creativity and ability to build brand images, make the work a complete work of art. Individual and unique. Because what is needed is not more of the same, but originality and authenticity.


All of these basic characteristics - or attributes as we call them - represent the guidelines for our actions for you. Long-term success can only be achieved on a solid and thoroughly planned basis.


Our goal is to build your brand image. And this is based on a clearly defined brand identity.







We look forward to hearing from you.


soul. stands for uniqueness, for creative individuality, for extraordinary concepts and for real experiences and liveliness with one focus… the guest is the focus.

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