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All experts at seel have many years of experience in the hotel industry and are specialists in disciplines such as strategy and sales consulting, online marketing, PR and social media, web design as well as search engine optimization or performance marketing.

Our experts work according to one principle: Do the measures bring more of the right guests to your hotel or restaurant? That's why we always have a comprehensive understanding of your hotel operations and work with you to develop an individual marketing strategy. It is important that all marketing and sales activities as well as all digital measures are coordinated with each other and with the target group in the long term.
We support you in the areas of strategy, brand image, marketing, sales, change management, communication and digitalization.

Our mission: More guests in your concept! The latest technology in marketing, sales and communication holistically and sustainable. And of course we deliver lots of emotions and passion! 
As an independent design agency and creative consultancy, seel specializes in holistic brand experiences, brand strategy and visual identity. Our creative team with over 35 years of experience collaborates across diverse disciplines to shape and revitalize brands that matter.

We bring these brands to life in both analogue and digital media. The focus of our work is communication strategies, brand campaigns, architectural design and interactions. Our work is characterized by a continuous engagement with new technologies, art, design and contemporary culture
ture and has its origins inAppeal design.

Behind seel and a good dose of passion with a high standard of value are Jens Schnurotto and Frankee Mauél.
Jens is a passionate brand expert with a strong affinity for service. On his way through the national and international luxury hotel industry, his aim was to create unforgettable moments and connecting experiences. He founded the first private concierge service Agent CS over 20 years ago. Since then, he has founded various companies and supported brands in their development. He likes to describe his way of thinking and approaches to new projects as different & new thinking.
The creative head at seel is the experienced communications designer Frankee Mauél. An excellent creative with broad national experience. He is the complete creative package in one person. From the holistic approach and down to the detail. He is a designer, founder and entrepreneur and is also now a successful real estate marketing consultant. His motto: agile thinking - and the further the view, the deeper the foundation.


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